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Serenoa white paper Dave Raggett (Friday, 27 July)

today's mbui call at 13:00 CET Dave Raggett (Thursday, 26 July)

Resolving to move task models to FPWD Dave Raggett (Tuesday, 24 July)

agenda and reminder for this week's MBUI call Dave Raggett (Wednesday, 18 July)

call for comments on publishing task models spec Dave Raggett (Monday, 16 July)

Muti-device development tools Ignacio Marin (Thursday, 12 July)

Comments Sebastian Feuerstack (Tuesday, 10 July)

Road map and 3rd Face to Face in October Dave Raggett (Thursday, 5 July)

minutes from today's call Dave Raggett (Thursday, 5 July)

W3C MBUI Agenda for this weeks telco Marius Orfgen (Thursday, 5 July)

tomorrow Paolo Bottoni (Wednesday, 4 July)

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