grlc turns your Linked Data queries into Linked Data APIs

Hi all,

Just letting you know that there is a public instance of grlc available at
[1]. No more hard-coded queries in your Linked Data consuming applications!

grlc [5], inspired by tools like BASIL [4], is a small server that converts
your SPARQL queries into Linked Data APIs, automatically and on the fly. To
do this, it assumes that your SPARQL queries are publicly available in a
GitHub (or similar) repository. For example, queries stored in have their equivalent API at
(notice the user and repository names in the URIs). You can call API
endpoints by e.g.

Full details are described in this paper [2].

The latest additions include a docker-based deployment, parameter
enumerations, result pagination, and compatibility with #LD servers, RDF
dumps, and HTML+RDFa pages (besides SPARQL endpoints).

We would be pleased to hear from your experiences on using grlc: bugs,
performance, use cases, feature requests, etc. grlc's issue tracker can be
found at [3].



Received on Thursday, 26 January 2017 12:59:39 UTC