Re: grlc turns your Linked Data queries into Linked Data APIs

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On 26 January 2017 at 14:13, Ruben Verborgh <> wrote:

> > No more hard-coded queries in your Linked Data consuming applications!
> Why not?
> Isn't the whole point of the Semantic Web that clients should know what
> they want,
> instead of servers needing to know what clients want?
> Or to say it differently: the more specific an API,
> the less clients that are able to use it?

I subscribe this, but grlc is intended as a service in addition to SPARQL,
not an API-constraining replacement. It simply reuses existing SPARQL
queries stored elsewhere to generate those APIs. So it encapsulates part of
the work that client applications need to do anyway (e.g. coupling with
SPARQL libraries/parsers, dealing with content types, parametrization,
etc.). The added value is that queries live independently of clients using
them, so it's better for their reuse.


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