Updated LOD Cloud Diagram - Please enter your linked datasets into the datahub.io catalog for inclusion.

Hi all,


Max Schmachtenberg, Heiko Paulheim and I have crawled of the Web of Linked
Data and have drawn an updated LOD Cloud diagram based on the results of the


This diagram showing all linked datasets that our crawler managed to
discover in April 2014 is found here:




We also analyzed the compliance of the different datasets with the Linked
Data best practices and a paper presenting the results of the analysis is
found below. The paper will appear at ISWC 2014 in the Replication,
Benchmark, Data and Software Track.




The raw data used for our analysis is found on this page:




Our crawler did discover 77 dataset that do not allow crawling via their
robots.txt files and these datasets were not included into our analysis and
are also not included in the current version of the LOD Cloud diagram.


A list of these datasets is found at


In order to give a comprehensive overview of all Linked Data sets that are
currently online, we would like to draw another version of the LOD Cloud
diagram including the datasets that our crawler has missed as well as the
datasets that do not allow crawling.


Thus, if you publish or know about linked datasets that are not in the
diagram or in the list of not crawlable datasets yet, please:


1.       Enter them into the datahub.io data catalog until August 8th.

2.       Tag them in the catalog with the tag ‘lod’

3.       Send an email to Max and Chris pointing us at the entry in the


We will include all datasets into the updated version of the cloud diagram,
that fulfill the following requirements:


1.       Data items are accessible via dereferencable URIs. 

2.       The dataset sets at least 50 RDF links pointing at other datasets
or at least one other dataset is setting 50 RDF links pointing at your


Instructions on how to describe your dataset in the catalog are found here:




Please make sure that you include information about the RDF links pointing
from your dataset into other datasets (field links: ) as well as a tag
indicating the topical category of your dataset, so that we know how to
include it into the diagram.

Please also include an example URI from your dataset into the catalog.


We will start to review the new datasets and to draw the updated version of
the LOD cloud diagram after August 8th.

So please point us at datasets to be included before this date.




Max, Heiko, and Chris 




Prof. Dr. Christian Bizer

Data and Web Science Research Group

Universitšt Mannheim, Germany 



Received on Thursday, 24 July 2014 12:19:21 UTC