Re: Visualizing Linked Data - did we miss anything?

On 3/29/13 9:13 AM, Hugh Glaser wrote:
> Hi.
> As I said, great initiative.
> Do you have a section or chapter about where Linked Data has delivered an enhanced user experience to existing web sites, rather than providing the whole experience?
> This is an important aspect for the eventual utility of Linked Data, although hard to capture.
> The sort of thing I mean is, for example, the "Research" and "Conservation" tabs at
> come directly out of a Linked Data world (mediated by a sameAs store).
> There is quite a lot of similar stuff around, and I am guessing that educational resources would want to embrace that, and even discuss best practice.
> Best
> Hugh
Wondering aloud: are there any routes to the Linked Data URIs from the 
original Linked Data sources? It's a loss of fidelity when original 
source Linked Data URIs are disconnected from the value chain re., data 

> On 29 Mar 2013, at 09:57, Maria Maleshkova <>
>   wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> visualisation is obviously a very hot topic currently and there are a lot of tools and implementations, which provide different level of support. Some simply do a graph visualisation based on the links, other provide multiple visualisation forms to choose from.
>> What I will try to do while preparing the chapter and the catalog is to identify the different visualisation needs that each of the tools address (simple browsing, exploring hierarchies, identifying relationships) . Furthermore, it is obvious that particular types of data are better visualised in a certain way (geo-spacial data --> maps).
>> Naturally, the collection of tools should be available in an annotated way.
>> As Barry mentioned, in creating the different chapters, we are trying to pick only the corresponding supporting technologies and tools.
>> Maria



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