Re: Visualizing Linked Data - did we miss anything?

On 3/29/13 7:46 AM, Ansgar Scherp wrote:
>                * Linked Data Browsers
> >                       *, sindice, OpenLink RDF Browser,
> >                         Marbles, Disco - Disco Hyperdata Browser,
> >                         Piggy Bank, part of SIMILE, Zitgist
> >                         DataViewer, iLOD, URI Burner

How many of these browsers still work?

Also note, the Open RDF Browser is actually called "OpenLink Data 
Explorer" (ODE for short) [1].

URIBurner isn't a browser, it's a service generates Linked Data that's 
usable by any Linked Data browser. Basically, a public instance of the 
Virtuoso Linked Data middleware engine [2].

Zitgist browser service is discontinued.

The OpenLink PivotViewer exists in HTML5 and Silverlight plugin for as a 
visualization mechanism for SPARQL and SPARQL-FED queries against any 
SPARQL endpoint [3][4].


4. .



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