Re: looking for an event ontology/vocabulary

>> Wow. No need to shout!!!!
> Sorry. You pressed one my buttons. I am so fed up reading 'documentation'
> along the lines of "A frongleBlitz" is any blitz with a frongle". It is just
> irresponsible to write such stuff when putting forward something that is
> claimed to be an ontology, especially one that is touted as being generally
> useful.

Fair enough, I guess.

>> Anyway, yes, the documentation is not particularly good, for the only
>> reason that most people got it from the examples (which is apparently
>> wrong or not enough, then?) and so we didn't got the incentive to
>> write a better one.
> The incentive should have been part of the initial publication.
>> Among those examples, you have:
>> * A score in a musical performance
>> * A musical instrument in a musical performance
> OK, but how about the concert hall in a musical performance? The conductor
> of a musical performance? The seating used by the musician in a musical
> performance? Im guessing these are not factors, but why not?
>> * A piece of text in a reading
>> * A microphone in a recording
>> The disjoint statement between agent and factor defines factors as
>> something that doesn't have an active role in the event.
> But are necessary for the event to take place? Or play a significant role in
> the event, so that if they were not present, the event would have been
> different? Or something?

What is a foaf:Agent? An event:Factor is something contributing to an
event that is not a foaf:Agent. Sorry, but I still think it is well
defined and clear enough.


Received on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 20:39:54 UTC