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AUTO: Bart van Leeuwen is niet aanwezig / Bart van Leeuwen is out of the office. (returning 15-12-2014)

Call for Exclusions (Update): Linked Data Patch Format

Chewing on the Abstract

Interest in Press around LDP REC?

LDP agenda for 15 December 2014

LDP agenda for 8 December 2014

LDP minutes for 1 December 2014

LDP Minutes for 15 December 2014

LDP Minutes for 8 December 2014

ldp-ACTION-151: Talk to tim about how he feels about these four options

ldp-ISSUE-104 (pchampin): Negative indexes in Path expressions [LD Patch]

Regrets for Monday 12/15 - I'll be traveling

test suite issue with testLdpLinkHeader

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