Re: test suite issue with testLdpLinkHeader

On Sat, Nov 29, 2014 at 2:49 PM,
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> One question on testLdpLinkHeader
> My server fails on the LDPC saying:
> LDP servers exposing LDPRs MUST advertise their LDP support by exposing a HTTP
> Link header with a target URI of, and a link
> relation type of type (that is, rel='type') in all responses to requests made
> to the LDPR's HTTP Request-URI.
> Does that mean we have to also publish the ldp#Resource type on an LDPC?


> That seems uncessary given that an LDPC is an LDPR, as shown in the diagram
> of the spec

The WG decided to require this explicitly, not have to have the
clients infer this.  So yes, it could be seen at unnecessary but the
WG wanted a way to determine if the handling the request what an LDP
Server and this is the consistent way to do this.

- Steve

> Henry

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