Re: ISSUE-75 (was ISSUE-71: second bug tracking example)

>  What about even simply knowing that you're dealing with a 
> container in the first place? You could be parsing a whole resource 
> before discovering a triple that tells you that you're dealing with 
> an ldp:Container, couldn't you? 

Yup.  Of course we do still have -32 open, so maybe there is hope at the 
HTTP level.
Of course, [cruelly setting the reader up and then knocking him/her down] 
if you wanted to solve cases like this one specifically with something 
like Link rel="type" you have to remember that it the response might not 
be "an" ldp:Container, it might be 'n' containers.  Which has its own 
perverse edge cases like the solution bloating the payload to 2x or so 
what it would otherwise be.

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