Re: ISSUE-71: second bug tracking example

> My understanding of the non-monotonicity issue Henry raised is based
> on the fact that in a first instance, because you haven't seen any 
> definition of membershipPredicate, you could infere that rdf:member 
> - the default value - is the membershipPredicate. If there is no 
> default value that problem goes away, doesn't it?

Simple answer, no.  In the perverse worst case the streaming 
implementation gets this triple last, and it invalidates all prior output.

This sort of "triples not ordered" issue is the same thing that led to the 
invention of "non-member-properties" resources in the Submission, so you 
could have some relative level of assurance that very simple use cases 
like "display the description of the container in a UI" would still be 
responsive enough to be practical even if the container has 10^9 
membership triples.

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