ldp-ISSUE-79 (ldp:contains): ldp:contains

ldp-ISSUE-79 (ldp:contains): ldp:contains


Raised by: Henry Story
On product: 

replace all (most) references of rdf:member in the spec to ldp:contains . 

ldp:contains a rdf:Property;
    :comment "relates an LDP Container to the elements it contains, ie LDPRs that were created through this LDPC or that act as if they had been";
    :domain ldp:Container;
    :range ldp:Resource .

The advantage of using this relation is that:
  - it is more specific than rdfs:member which can be applied much more widely than LDPCs
  - it does not require the client to know that { <> a ldp:Container }, and so does not need to
     parse through all the triples before it can start interpreting the meaning of an rdf:member .
  - LDPRs that wish to refer to their LDPCs can do this in one relation with 
     { <.> ldp:contains <> . } this otherwise requires two relations 
     { <.> a ldp:Container; rdf:member <> }
  - ( very minor: it may reduce the need to import the rdf namespace ) 

Received on Friday, 31 May 2013 09:43:15 UTC