ldp-ISSUE-78 (inferencing): inferencing levels [Linked Data Platform Spec]

ldp-ISSUE-78 (inferencing): inferencing levels [Linked Data Platform Spec]


Raised by: Henry Story
On product: Linked Data Platform Spec

The spec should clearly set up out front what the inferencing level is for a client to be able to interact with the resources. 

Currently it is not clear, there are two views one can have of this:

Inferencing level 0

One can deduce from various passages in the spec that no inferencing level is the desired requirement.

  "4.1.6 LDPR representations should have at least one rdf:type set explicitly.  This makes the representations much more useful to client applications that don’t support inferencing. "
In the Editor's TODO it is written:

  "Deployment guide (was: 4.8 Common Properties) talks about rdfs:Range which implies inferencing. 4.1.7 spec says want to avoid putting that reqt on 

The spec should make clear up front that no inferencing is required of clients to work with this version of the specification. ( I.e. to interact with the LDPCs and LDPRs as far as HTTP goes ). Publishers may use vocabularies that go beyond this of course.

Higher inferencing levels

The spec also seems to require inferencing of the client in various other parts:
  1. In order to know that 
        <> rdf:member <member>
     implies that <member> was created by <>, one needs to know that
       <> a ldp:Container .
     This can be made clear by considering that if one had an explicit relation ldp:contains then one would not need this inferencing step.

  2. The ldp:membershipXXX  properties require inferencing to go from an initial

    <> ldp:membershipPredicate ex:attachment;
          ldp:membershipPredicate <other> .
    <other> ex:attachment <member1>, <member2> .


    <> rdf:member <member1>, <member2> .

    which would let one know what the <member>s of a container were.

    The inferencing required would be a rule expressed in N3 of the form:

    { ?ldpc a ldp:Container;
          ldp:membershipPredicate ?p;
          ldp:membershipSubject ?s .
          ?s ?p ?o . } => { ?ldpc rdf:member ?o }

Received on Friday, 31 May 2013 09:22:47 UTC