Re: Proposal to close ISSUE-67: Full container membership without pagination, saying no.

> a priori ok with that. I'll try to implement pagination very soon so
> that I can make sure practically I agree.

In this case, I'm not sure what implementation experience adds.

You can't force a server to serve a representation of every resource it 
could possibly store (or calculate), in the general case.  Even if the 
spec (and code) tried, in the "too large" cases you'd just end up with 
eternal 5xx responses.  "Eternal" not because there is anything wrong with 
the request, but simply because the server implementation does not scale 
as large as it requires.

In the case where a server recognizes that it cannot process the request, 
such that it would *like* to redirect to a paged equivalent, if you remove 
the paged option the server is no more able to fulfill the request than it 
was before.  You just force it to try (if the implementation values 
compliance above all else), but you have no guarantee it will succeed.

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