Re: Proposal to close ISSUE-67: Full container membership without pagination, saying no.

On 25 May 2013, at 00:03, Arnaud Le Hors <> wrote:

> ISSUE-67 asks the question: 
> Should there be a guaranteed way to get the full container membership without pagination. ie. Should GET on <containerURL> ''ever'' be redirected to the paginated <containerURL>?firstpage ? 
> I believe the second part should rather read: ie. Should there be a way to prevent GET on <containerURL> from being redirected to the paginated <containerURL>?firstpage ? 
> Although I can imagine why a client that just wants a complete dump might like this I don't think it is reasonable. This may just be totally impractical. So, I propose we answer this question with a "no" and close this issue. 

a priori ok with that. I'll try to implement pagination very soon so that I can make sure practically I agree.

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