Re: ISSUE-71: second bug tracking example

> or remotely. You are not stuck with only dealing with locally
> described resources. The LDPC as a creator of resources on the
> other is forced to only have local members: ie point to 
> resources that can be PATCHed, DELETEd, ... and so that it is in
> control of.

Henry, what do you mean by local members?

I could interpret this to be saying that the implementation of an LDPC 
_must not_ delegate its create implementation onto another server that 
mints arbitrary URLs (URLs with no discernible relationship to the LDPC's 
URL).  I.e. local members are those whose URLs are "on the same server", 
and probably served by some common software components in the dispatch 
chain.  Which is an interpretation I find no support for in any edition of 
the spec.

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