Re: ISSUE-58: the simple solution to inlined membership - ISSUE-45

On 5/19/13 4:42 PM, Arnaud Le Hors wrote:
> As it has been pointed out before inlining is optional and servers 
> that don't know how to do it just shouldn't.
> I can see how this might be challenging in a vanilla implementation 
> where the server merely stores triples blindly to regurgitate later 
> but in the case of an application specific server it is not.
> Take for instance the case of a bug tracker in which I have a 
> container listing all the bugs related to a given project. Inlining 
> can be done without problems. If it can't then the server has a 
> serious bug somewhere.
If what you claim is true, can you back that up with a live 
demonstration, zero speculation? Put such data out to make your point. 
If not, then can't you see from this thread it is more trouble that it 
is worth at this point in time re. the spec.

Back to you. I don't want to argue. You can back up your simplicity 
claim with actual data and HTTP interactions. Doing that will save 
everyone a lot of time.



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