Re: PUT,POST,PATCH of <> a ldp:Container

I think servers would be permitted to perform each of those requests.
I do not believe that any of them should be mandatory behavior.
I believe that all, taken as "if the server accepts this request, then it 
MUST be processed in this way", might be acceptable.

I would also have to review again how we handled the much-discussed case 
from the F2F where we said that the server might have different 
responsibilities based on the input media type.  If the server is 
interpreting the message bodies as RDF, I suspect the lines above would 

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From:   Henry Story <>
Date:   05/02/2013 03:48 PM
Subject:        PUT,POST,PATCH of <> a ldp:Container

A POST of a graph that contains the triple

  <> a ldp:Container .

SHOULD/MUST create an ldp:Container


1. Does a PUT of a graph that contains that triple create an ldp:Container 

2. Does a PATCH that adds that triple turn that resource into an 
ldp:Container ?

3. Does a PATCH that removes that triple make that ldp:Container into a 
simple LDPR ?

4. if a POST were to append the posted graph to an LDPR would posting that 
triple turn
that LDPR into an LDPC?


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