Re: membershipSubject clarification

> 1. does the ldp:membershipSubject have to be a document such as <> ?
> ( which in the example above is a o:NetWorth )

I'm guessing that by 'document' you mean "a URI that is also, without 
modification, a valid HTTP request-URI".  Under that assumption, no.  The 
membership subject is just a URI, any URI usable as a subject in RDF 

>     Is this [JA: elided example] ok?

I think it is.  I disagree with Arnaud there, because the triple
   <meetings/> ldp:membershipSubject <.>;
can be restated as 
   < ldp:membershipSubject <>
and I see a triple 
   <>       cal:attending <meetings/meet1> .
   <>       cal:attending <<> .
(although the presence of that triple is not itself required per se, it 
lends credence that what you conveyed and what you intended to convey are 

> 2. Would it not be a good thing if a GET on <portrait/> returned the 
>     and of course if <meetings> mentioned its rds:member ?

LDP *allows* the server to return 'extra' triples beyond those whose 
subject matches the HTTP request-URI.

I think your intent here is basically to say: would it not be useful of 
GET on a container always returned the membership triples, regardless of 
the subject of those triples?  Which seems reasonable.

Assuming that intent, I would alter your proposed response however to be:
# In this context, <> corresponds to
>     <> a ldp:Container;
>          dcterms:title "The assets of JohnZSmith";
>          ldp:membershipSubject <#me>;
>          ldp:membershipPredicate foaf:depicts.
>     <>     foaf:depicts <img1>, <img2> .  
# changed the subj + predicate vs Henry's original

I kept the addition of <img2> here, although I did find its appearance in 
this response but not in the original confusing.

Note that I changed rdfs:member to foaf:depicts in the membership triples 
to align with your asserted ldp:membershipPredicate .  For the same 
reason, changed the subject of the same triples.

> 3. What if I want the object of the relation from the ...

This is hard enough to parse with confidence that I think I need to see an 
example of what you'd like to create.

> 4. Can I have a number of different membershipSubjects?

Exactly one per LDP container.

Your example in #1 shows an example where a single HTTP resource's 
representation includes multiple (2) containers, and therefore the 
containers' membership triples can have up to 2 unique membership 

Best Regards, John

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