Re: PUT,POST,PATCH of <> a ldp:Container

Hi Henry,

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 9:47 PM, Henry Story <> wrote:

> A POST of a graph that contains the triple
>   <> a ldp:Container .
> SHOULD/MUST create an ldp:Container


> Question:
> 1. Does a PUT of a graph that contains that triple create an ldp:Container
> ?
> 2. Does a PATCH that adds that triple turn that resource into an
> ldp:Container ?
> 3. Does a PATCH that removes that triple make that ldp:Container into a
> simple LDPR ?
> 4. if a POST were to append the posted graph to an LDPR would posting that
> triple turn
> that LDPR into an LDPC?

As an implementer, I would not like to be forced to allow this kind of
resource mutation.

Section 4.4.1 says, about PUT

   LDPR servers *MAY* ignore server managed properties

It may need to rephrase 4.4.1 slightly, but my undersyanding is that not
only properties, but also some *types* can  be server-managed and may not
be freely added or removed by users' PUTs. And LDPR and LDPC are cleary
those kinds of types.

Note that I'm not saying that the spec must forbid this, I'm only saying it
should not mandate it.


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