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> hello roger.
> On Jan 12, 2013, at 19:23, "Roger Menday"
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>>>> I don't see a need for service documents.
>>> apart from the terminology "service document", i am wondering how
>>> you are envisioning interactions with the server for collection
>>> management, when you don't have a resource that allows you to
>>> provide interaction affordances for things such as, for example,
>>> the creation of collections?
>> the server provides a well-known 'root' resource from which the
>> interaction affordances, existing resources, etc. can be
>> discovered. just like on the HTML web.
> ok, then it's just terminology. what you call a root resource,
> atompub calls a service document. it seems we're on the same page and
> just need to decide on a naming issue.


I think that Roger is not referring to a service document.

What I have understood as a root resource is something like the 
index.html page; the root page from which you can navigate through the 
content in a web server.

In our case, we could have an index/root resource from which you can 
access other resources in a server. Or at least some suggestion on how 
to name it so clients know.

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