Re: Soft Launch of a W3C Invited Expert identity program

Thanks for finally acknowledging the existence and importance of invited
experts. It's late and not very much, but it's a step in the right
direction, and that's worth mentioning.

See a few comments inline.

On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 2:45 PM Coralie Mercier <> wrote:

> A) Identity program
> ===================
> To help W3C Invited Experts organize as a group of disparate individuals
> who may want to use a united voice to speak about some topic or other, we
> have created:
> 1) A public directory of W3C Invited Experts
> <>
> That page exposes a combination of W3C database information and
> information you may enter via your W3C profile:
>  * First and Last Name
>  * Group(s) in which each IE is invited
>  * Photo
>  * GitHub icon linking to your Github profile
>  * Title
>  * Biography
> Note: Except the first two items, you may customize and update information
> in your W3C profile (<>).

While it's great to have something which shows how large of a group invited
experts are and how important they are to W3C, I think it's be a good idea
to allow opting out of the list. Not everyone is comfortable with having a
public profile.

B) Designated observer at W3C Advisory Committee Meetings
> =========================================================
> W3C Invited Experts may designate one individual amongst themselves
> (volunteer? elect?) to attend as an observer the W3C Advisory Committee
> Meetings [1] which take place twice a year. That non-voting individual
> represents the interests of W3C Invited Experts and is allowed to summarize
> and bring back information that is not member-confidential.
> To that effect, a straw-man proposal is for the designated Invited Expert
> self-declares to <> who subscribes them to w3c-ac-forum
> [2], the list for discussion among W3C Advisory Committee Members and the
> Advisory Board on matters of relevance to W3C.

 Will W3C cover the travelling expenses of this IE observer and wave AC
meeting fees if there are any? Or this another case of expecting IE to



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