Re: Guidance for fostering diversity and inclusion for a group face-to-face meeting?

> On Dec 10, 2019, at 7:26, Theresa O'Connor <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Great list, Léonie! I only have one small comment:
>> I don't know of any particular guidelines for holding inclusive
>> meetings, or for communicating the right information[…]
> […]
>> Ask everyone to introduce themselves at the start of the meeting but
>> keep it to name, company name and perhaps job title/area.
> Name, *pronouns*, affiliation, and perhaps job title/area.


On a different axis of diversity, I'd also encourage people to let others know which languages they speak. The meeting itself is (usually) in English, but the breaks are free, and it's unfortunate when a linguistic/geographic minority retreats into a corner and stays isolated even when a bunch of other people in the room actually speak their language.


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