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Hi Greg,

On 08.01.2016 16:16, Greg Eck wrote:
> Hi Badral,
> Thank you for your kind words on behalf of the group.
> Could we say that you are in agreement with the DS01 other than the 
> following areas? ::
No, there exist another issues. If you fix following mistakes at least, 
then I will send other issues.
Because, I have sent numerous issues, that are simply ignored. You have 
preferred Chinese standard. Personally, I am very sceptical about this 
standard and wondering why the basic issues have not been fixed by this 
standard until now, even after 9 revisions? Jirimutu has also repeatedly 
expressed this idea.

> U+1820-A Medial should be an initial
> U+1823-O Final 1^st and 2^nd should be switched *(I don’t remember 
> talking about this one. Can you elaborate a bit more?)*
> U+1828-N Medial 3^rd should be a final
> U+182C-Q Initial 2^nd and 3^rd should be switched
> U+182C-Q Medial 3^rd and 4^th forms should both be finals
> U+182D-G Initial 2^nd and 3^rd should be switched
> U+182D-G Medial 3^rd should be a final
> Greg
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> *Subject:* Re: New Proposal Status
> Hi Greg and all, I have to say that it is not my personal words and 
> opinion. The following is voice of 5 Mongolian linguists, 10 Bolorsoft 
> staff (who are developing Mongolianscript), Amarjargal Lkhamsuren (who 
> developed some mongolian fonts), Erdenechimeg Myatav (Author of 
> TR170), Jargal Badagarov (Buryat linguist) and Jamyansuren Onolt 
> (Great font designer/font anatomist, philologist and calligrapher). 
> First of all, we would like to thank Greg Eck, Richard Ishida, Andrew 
> West, Richard Wordingham, Michel Suignard, Kamal Mansour, Deborah 
> Anderson, Almas staff and all contributors for your efforts and 
> activities for supporting Mongolian script. A criticism without 
> solution or proof or suggestion is blame otherwise it's gold. Thus, 
> every point is suggested. We have checked current status of DS01 and 
> it is absolute no-go for the following reasons: 1. The third medial 
> form of 1820 must be second init form of 1820. (Titim=crown in middle 
> is inconceivable.) 2. switch the third initial and Second Initial Form 
> 182C. 3. switch the third Initial Form and second Initial Form of 
> 182D. 4. The third medial form of 182D must be second final form of 
> 1820. (Segul=tail in middle is inconceivable.) 5. The third medial 
> form of 1828 must be second final form of 1828. (Segul=tail in middle 
> is inconceivable.) 6. switch the final first and the second final form 
> of 1823. (The final form of 1823 is only occurred in foreign words and 
> this form is current second final form.) 7. Where is final forms of 
> 182C? 8. How did you consider and follow suggestions of Erdenechimeg 
> Myatav, who is pioneer of Mongolian script issues. 
> We strictly follow above rules and suggestions. Greg, please squarely 
> consider our recommendations and suggestions. I hope that you don't 
> treat above suggestions stepmotherly, like my previous comments and 
> suggestions.
> Cheers, Badral Sanlig and et al.
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