UTC Defense January 26th - Content Summary

Sorry that I have been so quiet over the past 5 days. My schedule is a bit more free now.

Thank you, Lisa Moore, for setting the schedule for my defense on Tuesday 3PM – the 26th January. I am in the process of putting together the documents now – thanks also to Deborah Anderson for your help in guiding me in the writing of the documents. The simple document attached will morph into several other documents over the next few days – so be prepared for that!

As there are concerns about the current DS01, let’s do this. Let’s work with the items that we are all in full agreement on as included in the attached file. Everyone please look at the attached set of 17 items + the FVS MisMatch and tell me if you disagree with anything. If we cannot agree on the overall picture as in the DS01, let’s work with the sub-set that we can agree on in this file. If I do not hear from you, I will understand agreement as all of these items have come directly from our discussions.

Regarding the FVS4 definition, I add a statement saying that we are discussing the need for a MDVS (Mongolian Default Variant Selector) and have not come to agreement there yet. But the need for another Mongolian-specific variation selector is generally agreed upon. Items affected are #2, #6, #8, #12, #14. One forum participant has itemized 41 default variants where this type of a “default variant selector” could potentially be used.

I also need to add a statement on the area that Siqin brought up dealing with the “other mis-matches”.

Badral, you have mentioned other issues. Are any of these issues dealing with the 17 items as attached + the FVS MisMatch?


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