New Proposal Status

Greetings in the New Year ...

Here is a status on the NP:
We are current on the Ishida Font Comparator Site.
We are current on the DS01 (as attached).
I am looking at calling in at the next Unicode Conference in late January.
There is a document listing changes that I am preparing now - basically covering the yellow/magenta/grey items in the DS01.
The version of DS01 being submitted will see the grey items either disappear or turn magenta.
I am waiting to hear back from Professor Quejingzhabu on some specific questions related to the Chinese Standard.
I just realized that I forgot to mark the proposed changes on the two Baludas (U+1885/6) and will do that on the submitted DS01.

Can I ask from several of you:
Kamal, Badral, Jirimutu - have you had time to look over the items in the DS01 in yellow/magenta? Do you have any comments/concerns? Can I say that you are in agreement with the document?

Everyone: You might want to take another look at the Font Comparator Site also under your font column and just make sure that we are representing your font performance correctly. If you have corrections, you can submit them directly to me. I will collect them and pass them as one bundle to Richard I.


Received on Tuesday, 5 January 2016 14:13:25 UTC