Unusual Isolated Form of Ang

Hi Greg,

Are you or other experts on this list aware of the isolated form of
ang shown in the attached image?  This comes from a list of Mongolian
letters in "mongγol nanggiyad üsüg-ün toli bičig" (蒙漢字典) published in
1928.  This is shown in context at
page 9, notated as "迎阿".

It looks like the final form of ang, but with an initial head.  My
correspondent wants to know how to represent this isolate form in
Unicode, and I was unable to create this form using the Mongolian
Baiti font, so I am wondering whether it is covered by the new
proposal, and if not, whether perhaps a VS for this alternative
isolated form should be defined.  My apologies if this has already
been discussed on this list.


Received on Tuesday, 5 January 2016 14:34:36 UTC