RE: Mongolian Variation Sequences Missing from Unicode 8.00 Code Chart

Hi Richard,

The DS01 document is one of several documents that I have developed over the years. It is a work in progress and that is why I have not put it out on the list. I can clean it up and send it out tomorrow. It probably would be helpful for you all to see it - there are still bugs in it that you can help me find :).

The full set would go something like this:
DS00 - MVS model
DS00 - NNBSP model
DS01 - Head forms, positional forms, variant forms
DS02 - Ligatures (Mandatory)
DS03 - Ligatures (Optional)
DS04 - MVS sequences
DS05 - NNBSP sequences
DS06 - Digits vertical and horizontal
DS07 - Baluda
DS08 - Dagalga
.......... other data sets for the various difficult areas such as the medial GA and the final GA

There are two purposes of the data sets. One is an attempt to clarify hazy specifications. The other is to provide test data with actual data strings plus images of the desired shaping forms. The test data further clarifies the specification.


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> Finally, it would be nice if the latest DS01 pdf document was
> printable (my HP printer will just barf at it in either PCL or PS
> mode), still a paper guy when doing that kind of work. It could an HP
> driver issue though.

Where is this 'DS01' document?


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