Mongolian Domain Names (was: Re: Searching)

Has anybody thought about domain names in Mongolian? The domain name 
system cannot absorb "spelling variants" other than entering these as 
separate domain names one-by-one.

Even if we assume that most users entering a certain domain name enter 
it with the correct "spelling variant", that still leaves the 
possibility for spammers to register other "spelling variants". This can 
only be avoided by registering all variants (if done 
(semi-)automatically, this is called "bundling"), or by "blocking" 
incorrect variants when the correct variant is registered.

Regards,   Martin.

On 2015/08/04 17:15, Andrew West wrote:
> On 3 August 2015 at 23:31, Richard Wordingham
> <> wrote:

> I agree with Jirimutu that the Mongolian encoding model is the worst
> encoding model in Unicode, but I also agree that we are stuck with it,
> and that it is not possible to radically revise it at this stage.  I
> think that the best we can do is mitigate the problems of multiple
> representation by defining fuzzy matching rules for Mongolian along
> the lines of Jirimutu's folding list, for use by search engines and
> text processing applications.  This could be informally written up as
> a Unicode Technical Note, or formally defined somewhere in the Unicode
> character database.
> Andrew
> .

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