RE: New Thread - FVS Assignment MisMatch

Hi Greg,


I have prepared our team's FVS discussion list.

Please find attached FVS_Discussion_List.pdf file and advice how should we
go through the discussion.


We have only included the Traditional Mongolian part in this PDF file. 

I will continue to create other parts of the Standards like Todo Mongolian,
Sibe, Manchu and ALI GALI,

If you and members fell it helpful and efficient to sort out all of the
discussion points.


This file is created by Microsoft Excel, if anyone need the original xlsx

Please download it from following URL.


I have also modified a little bit and included the basic principle list in
the file, which is mentioned in my previous mail.

Please feel free to modify it or comment on it for correcting our Variant
Mapping direction.


Thanks and Best Regards,




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From: Greg Eck [] 
Sent: Monday, August 3, 2015 12:14 AM
Subject: New Thread - FVS Assignment MisMatch


We are winding down on the NNBSP discussion. 


Let's go ahead with another topic as attached dealing with 6 FVS
assignments. The basic issue is that the current specification says to make
the assignment at one position whereas the glyph is processed by OT rulings
at another position.



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