Re: Mongolian Domain Names

On Wed, 5 Aug 2015 14:01:03 +0900
Martin J. Dürst <> wrote:

> Has anybody thought about domain names in Mongolian? The domain name 
> system cannot absorb "spelling variants" other than entering these as 
> separate domain names one-by-one.

I think the restrictions have to be brutal.

I would suggest the following programme:

1) Work out how Mongolian should have been encoding.

2) Work out a workable conversion from that ideal encoding to what we
do have.

3) Try to avoid FVS1 to FVS3.  They are currently banned by RFC 5892
'The Unicode Code Points and Internationalized Domain Names for
Applications (IDNA)'.

4) Work out how to prevent or live with spoofing of E, NA before
consonants, and masculine QA by medial A.

As a first approximation, just looking at the basic Mongolian set, I
would say ban E, OE and UE.  I'm tempted to say that one should use Ali
Gali KA instead of feminine QA and GA.


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