RE: Mongolian Variation Sequences Missing from Unicode 8.00 Code Chart

Hi Richard,

Let me comment on this briefly.
The 6 glyphs as mentioned below are certainly missing images. Interesting that it is the same set under discussion now. Thanks for pointing this out.

As to the other 5 mis-matches listed at the end of your note, I would suggest we wait a bit on them.
One of the main objectives of our discussion is to verify the standardizedvariants document as well as suggest revision in the hopes that our various font implementations will use the FVS set in a more standardized fashion.
U+182C, U+182D, and U+1838 as mentioned are areas that we have on the docket for discussion.
If we could address the information as it comes up in sequence, I think it would help us keep focus.


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Subject: Mongolian Variation Sequences Missing from Unicode 8.00 Code Chart

I have now reported the following error to Unicode:

The glyphs for the following Mongolian variation sequences are missing from the Mongolian code chart for Version 8.00:

1820 180C (medial)
1828 180D (medial)
182C 180C (medial)
182C 180D (medial)
1835 180B (medial)
1836 180C (medial)

I intend to report the errors attached below tomorrow (Monday) at some time after 17:00 UTC.  Please advise if I should not.


The glyph for 182C 180B (isolated) has a pair of dots in Standardised Variants but not in the code chart.  I believe the dots are semantically significant.  I suspect there is a problem with the overpainting order within the PDF. (I viewed the chart with Firefox on Ubuntu 12.04.)

The glyphs for the following are strikingly different:
182D 180B (final)
182D 180C (medial)
1838 180B (final)
186F 180B (initial)

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