Re: Mongolian NNBSP [I18N-ACTION-458]

On Sat, 1 Aug 2015 09:33:36 +0000
Greg Eck <> wrote:

> If we went with the ExtendNumLet, is there a normative file that
> holds the data values - or are these changes that need to be
> implemented by the rendering engines themselves - such as MS
> Universal Shaping Engine or Harfbuzz?

There is a normative file, auxiliary/WordBreakProperty.txt in the
Unicode Character Database.

The Word_Break property should have nothing to do with rendering, and I
would not expect the rendering engines to pay any attention to them.
Is this a problem for gender-sensitive shaping?

The Word_Break property is for splitting text into word, such as
advancing through text word-by-word and spell-checking. I get the
impression that the Mongolian script is one where there is great need
of a spell-checker, because with a normal font one can't check what one


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