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Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-770: Publish new/replacement articles on http meta lang by wednesday, incorporating new wg comments as appropriate

I18N-ACTION-771: Ping chaals about syncing whatwg ruby support

I18N-ACTION-772: Update charmod and prepare for publication as a note

I18N-ACTION-773: Close all issues and publish charmod-norm as a wg note (with richard's assistance)

I18N-ACTION-774: Publish first public working draft of string-meta

I18N-ACTION-775: Ping florian in place of chaals for input type=email

I18N-ACTION-776: Remind wg to read simple-ruby draft for next week's teleconference

I18N-ACTION-777: Ask florian and kobayashi about their preferences regarding publication and maintenance of simple-ruby document

I18N-ACTION-778: Revise string-meta section 4.5 if appropriate

I18N-ACTION-779: Sync with richard about maintaining typography index

I18N-ACTION-780: Put short checklist into a document and structure a bit better

I18N-ACTION-781: Make katy collaborator so she can label issues

I18N-ACTION-782: Circulate chart of wall times during dst transition and check with participants for next week's telecon

I18N-ACTION-783: Investigate implications of moving its recs to github

I18N-ACTION-784: Announce short checklist on home page and via tweet, addison to send to chairs@

I18N-ACTION-785: Remind wg to review webaudio

I18N-ACTION-786: Remind wg members to review whatwg issue 2945 and related tag discussion for next tc

I18N-ACTION-787: After 31 march change wg teleconference to match 1400 utc

I18N-ACTION-788: Remind folks to review non-semitic text rtl document

I18N-ACTION-789: Revive issue 96 with css as a github issue

I18N-ACTION-790: Add list of pending issues to next week's agenda

I18N-ACTION-791: Raise tracker action error with sysreq

Internationalization Groups Charter Extended; Addison Phillips re-appointed Chair of the Working Group

REQUEST for (updated?) review: Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0

seeking update on progress on whatwg ruby [I18N-ACTION-771]

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Weekly github digest (Review comments)

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