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Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-631: Invite chaals to teleconference in two weeks to discuss microdata

I18N-ACTION-632: Update unicode-xml to include change in status banner

I18N-ACTION-633: Create github repo for new document (call it string-metadata)

I18N-ACTION-634: Check john's comment on floating times article

I18N-ACTION-635: Remind all to think about ways and venues for reaching out to larger audience for reviews

I18N-ACTION-636: Update floating times q+a to address confusing section at end

I18N-ACTION-637: Stimulate non-ascii email advocates to provide feedback on eai support in html

I18N-ACTION-638: Provide a formal statement on i18n position on eai in html

I18N-ACTION-639: Follow up on microdata review and chaals action for text

I18N-ACTION-640: Change style sheets to incorporate gill sans changes

I18N-ACTION-641: Publish "strings and bidi" for wide review and forward link to tag

I18N-ACTION-642: Ask www-international about closing index db items

I18N-ACTION-643: Close ttml issues

I18N-ACTION-644: Add the language use case to string meta article

I18N-ACTION-645: Remind working group to read whatwg html issue 2945 for discussion next telecon

I18N-ACTION-646: Publish strings-and-bidi article

I18N-ACTION-647: Send list of review items for next week (pendings and close? items)

I18N-ACTION-648: Ask mongolian ad hoc group to use our list

I18N-ACTION-649: Reply to whatwg 2945 translatehint issue with wg opinion

I18N-ACTION-650: Write to remote playback and indicate that we are satisfied and our review is in fact complete

I18N-ACTION-651: Shorten the list of pending/closed items and reissue for next telecon discussion

I18N-ACTION-652: Ensure that our tpac av request is filed

I18N-ACTION-653: Send email about default stylesheet for emphasis marks (issue 385) seeking input

I18N-ACTION-654: Forward all comments we discussed during telecon.

I18N-ACTION-655: Send pending issues agreed during call, and close issues agreed during call; and send out new list for discussion next week

I18N-ACTION-656: Notify websub we are satisfied with 124

I18N-ACTION-657: Contact fantasai about issue 387 inviting summary of current status of text-emphasis-position

I18N-ACTION-658: Look for latin text with dot or macron below that could cause problems for underline

I18N-ACTION-659: De-pend all the css-text-decor issues

Internationalization WG position on email input issues 845 and 538 in HTML 5.2 [I18N-ACTION-638]

Please review: Strings and bidi

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