Re: Please review: Strings and bidi

Hi Richard and everyone,

My comments:

Presented to English user:

    I am not sure "The title of the book in the arabic translation should 
   " ‫CSS: مغامرة جديدة!‬ " or
    "‫CSS: הרפתקה חדשה!‬ " for Hebrew.

   I'd probably prefer treat it as structured text with 2 tokens [(1) CSS, 
(2) value] laid out in container's direction:

       "CSS: הרפתקה חדשה‫!‬‬"
   - i.e. LTR paragraph/base direction and RTL embedded Hebrew substring.

   In that way it will appear consistently with LTR scripts (and on an LTR 
page), while the Hebrew value will be displayed from right to left:

CSS: 新しい冒険!
CSS: הרפתקה חדשה‫!‬

- vs.

CSS: 新しい冒険!
‫CSS: הרפתקה חדשה!‬

Best regards,
Lina Kemmel
  GCoC Bidi architect
  IBM Software Group

From:   r12a <>
To:     "" <>,,
Date:   31/07/2017 16:49
Subject:        Please review: Strings and bidi

Could you please take a quick look at this proposed new article.

To help with discussions about the problems of handling strings in bidi 
environments i put together an illustration of the major problems, 
hoping it will be fairly accessible to people who know little about the 
bidi algorithm, etc.

I'd like to show this to the W3C TAG quite soon, since they asked for 
something like it.

By way of an internal review, could you let me know quickly if there are 
any egregious issues that need to be addressed?


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