Re: css3-text- Indic Inputs

On 10/08/2010 10:26 AM, Cibu Johny (സിബു) wrote:
> Fantasai,
> I think, the later part of the document by Somnath addresses the issue
> of styling components of a grapheme cluster differently. Is that
> addressed in the draft explicit enough? Sorry - I might have missed it
> when I scanned the draft for that information.

The later part of the document, as far as I can tell, is mostly
screen shots of browser bugs.

No part of the document gives me enough information to implement
any of
   - first-letter
   - letter-spacing
   - justification
correctly. Nowhere *close* to enough information. If I knew how
to read and write these scripts, maybe it's enough, but I don't.

I understand the document is just a draft, but as far as its
usefulness for writing specs, it only gives enough detail to
write some informative introductory material, not enough for
writing normative requirements.

And the detailed reports of browser bugs are a waste of your
time if you are using versions as old as Firefox 2.0 to do
the testing. You should be using the latest betas.

So much effort has been put into reporting bugs on such old
builds, when what's needed is filling in the gaps where the
*specs* do not give enough guidance.


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