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I think, the later part of the document by Somnath addresses the issue of
styling components of a grapheme cluster differently. Is that addressed in
the draft explicit enough? Sorry - I might have missed it when I scanned the
draft for that information.


On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 10:00 AM, fantasai <>wrote:

> On 10/08/2010 08:19 AM, Somnath Chandra wrote:
>> Hello Fantasai & Richards,
>> Kindly find the draft inputs indicating the indic language styling
>> requirements. Kindly visit the following link.
> Hi Somnath,
> Many of these are browser bugs and not problems with the spec.
> So while I would encourage you to file them against the appropriate
> implementers, there isn't much we can do about e.g. underlining bugs
> or certain characters not displaying correctly.
> I would, however, appreciate some guidance on how justification
> and letter-spacing should work (and if they should indeed interact),
> as these are areas where the spec needs more detail. However, the
> section on justification in your document has almost no detail
> right now, and the one on letter-spacing tells me only enough to
> indicate that the CSS3 draft does not handle Indic scripts--not
> enough to tell me how to handle them correctly. :(
> With regards to vertical layout of glyphs -- there are two different
> ways to lay out horizontal scripts in vertical text. One is to keep
> each character upright. The other is to rotate them. There will be
> a control for this in the spec that defines vertical text, in which
> case upright Indic like you have indicated there could be explicitly
> chosen along with upright Latin.
> The default vertical rendering for Indic scripts should be whatever
> is most appropriate for inlining inside a vertical script -- e.g.
> the appropriate way to render a name or quote inside a vertical
> Japanese book. I haven't seen any cases of mixed Indic-CJK recently,
> so I don't really have a good answer for that. But please think
> about this question in that context.
> A related question would be how vertically-oriented table headers
> are handled, and whether they are the same or different from the
> CJK case. And whether Latin or digits are handled the same way in
> such headers, or differently.
> ~fantasai

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