Re: FPWD of Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML

On Mar 8, 2010, at 2:52 AM, Richard Ishida wrote:

>> If the I18N WG would like these issues addressed before Last Call, I
>> strongly recommend delivering the feedback to the HTML WG as soon as
>> possible, ideally in the form of bug reports, one per distinct issue.
> I think we will be happy to submit the problem statements and  
> proposals in
> the form of bug reports.  We need to still confirm the expectations  
> for some
> of those proposals with the intended user base, and there are some
> outstanding issues to resolve that also depend in particular on the
> requirements of the user base, and it is on ironing out those points  
> that we
> expect to be busy during the near future.  I had assumed that it  
> would help
> the HTML folks to clarify those ideas before asking you to look at it,
> therefore removing unproductive cycles, but we can consider raising  
> the bug
> reports sooner rather than later.
> Note that we have not *just* produced bug reports because we see the  
> value
> of the document as being wider than just HTML.  Although I have not  
> pushed
> for the document to widen its current clear coupling to HTML (partly  
> because
> of it's recent origins and partly so that we can intersect more  
> quickly with
> HTML), I see a great deal of relevance to other specifications such  
> as SVG,
> Widgets, VoiceXML, OpenDoc, DITA, etc, and in fact XML markup in  
> general
> (and as such, a useful addition to any future ITS Rec). As you  
> mentioned,
> there is similar work to be done wrt style sheets too.

Sure, it makes sense to have a document to support bug reports, and I  
can see how it makes it easier to get review from domain experts. I  
just want to make sure we get all this stuff fixed in HTML5. I agree  
that some of these issues may in general affect other specs.

> I hope that make things clearer for you.

Much, thanks!


Received on Monday, 8 March 2010 20:02:13 UTC