Re: FPWD of Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML

On Fri, 5 Mar 2010, Richard Ishida wrote:
> Just to let you know the expectations of the i18n WG wrt this 
> document[1] which was published yesterday.  We do not expect the HTML WG 
> to review and comment on it just yet.
> The document is still in early draft, and was published to facilitate 
> ongoing feedback from bidi experts and i18n folks. It also contains some 
> explicitly identified open issues.
> The plan is to obtain feedback as soon as possible from bidi experts and 
> internationalization folks, then issue a new draft that incorporates the 
> results of those discussions.  Only at that point do we plan to put the 
> proposals to the HTML community and seek their comments and commitment. 
> Depending on the amount of discussion that takes place, we would hope to 
> publish the second draft in about a month from now.
> [1]

Many of the points in this document seem uncontroversial at first glance; 
it may be more efficient just to file bugs for each described problem and 
to only go for a more complicated approach for issues found controversial.

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