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Hi Richard,

I did not see the mail for the wide review yet, so this is going to the
public list. As said on the call, these are minor comments.

RI> Thanks.  I was waiting for some comments from Addison, but maybe I
misunderstood. I'll announce it today.

"The character encoding reflects the way these abstract characters are
mapped to ...": Propose to change this to "The character encoding reflects
the way the coded character set is mapped to ..."

RI> Done.

"The code point values for each character are listed immediately below the
glyph for that character at the top of the diagram. ": Maybe add a word
about what a glyph is? 
RI> Done

Some of the link targets inside the document could have different names,
as the target of "Mime type" in "using the text/html MIME type". But
probably you are planning to update that anyway.

RI> I updated what I could, but I left many like the one you mention so as
not to break existing links to the document.  I did this where the basic
topic of the section is the same as before.

"you should use the @charset rule": the link for "@charset" is borken.

RI> Fixed.

"XML has a slightly different syntax to HTML,": this should probably be
"XHTML has a slightly different syntax to HTML,". 

RI> No.  That was intended.  It feeds from "XHTML, which is an XML-based
markup language."

You may want to add a sentence introducing this figure
(the summary of the language - mime type - "treated as" options)

RI> Done

"should definitely be used if transcoding is likely": you may add a short
definition (you give one later: "transcode the data (ie. convert to a
different encoding). ")

RI> Done

"see Display problems caused by the UTF-8 BOM": there is a full stop

RI> Fixed.

Thanks Felix !


2010/1/29 Richard Ishida <>

I have been updating, in a separate copy, the tutorial Character sets &
encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS, and would like feedback on it prior to
sending for wide review.


I added a lot of material, eg. related to the BOM, normalization, etc., and
I rearranged the material significantly.  The rearrangement was to downplay
slightly the XHTML 1.0 issues, given that that is now only relevant to IE6,
but also to help readers quickly find information they need for the format
they are dealing with.

I also removed the distinction between XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 1.1 wrt MIME
types, since the XHTML2 WG is hopefully very close to issuing a PER that
enables XHTML 1.1 to be served as text/html.  I also added information about

I also added in updates to sections that correspond to an faq article that
has been updated.

Please let me know if there are topics I forgot to include, as well as
commenting on the structure and editorial aspects.


Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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