Re: Issue 88, content-language-multiple: change proposal

On Jan 13, 2010, at 11:47 AM, Richard Ishida wrote:

> Hi Roy,
>> Where is the word "pragma" coming from?  
> I'm using pragma purely because that's how Ian refered to these things in
> HTML5, and I thought I ought to be consistent with that.  See for example,
> section, which is called "Pragma directives".
> ragma-directives

Well, that figures.  All the web terminology is used incorrectly,
so I suppose it is consistent to use compiler terminology
incorrectly as well.

>> My concern for HTML5 is that the orthogonality of http-equiv be preserved.
>> I suggest you take the lead on the changes regarding language default and
>> I'll construct a change that makes it clear what http-equiv means and why.
> Sure, but just so that I'm clear, you mean to add wording about that in the
> same change proposal, right ?


> Shall I give you write access to the i18n wiki ?

I think you can just add it to the change proposal when I post
it to the list -- it won't conflict with your changes.


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