Re: [hybi] [Uri-review] ws: and wss: schemes

Kristof Zelechovski wrote:
> URI restrictions are not an anachronism.  Imagine an Englishman with no
> knowledge of Japanese and no pocket translator to access a resource under a
> Japanese IRI that he has printed on paper.  Good luck with that.

Of course these days, an advert or business card will show the IRI and
not the URI, so he is still stuck :-)

But the *existence* of the URI means he can telephone his Japanese
friend and be told the URI to enter to reach that resource.  The URI
restrictions mean it can be spoken too.

It's not language neutral, but virtually every web user can handle the
ASCII characters used in URIs in many human contexts that don't use a
computer.  That's one reason why URIs continue to exist.

-- Jamie

Received on Saturday, 5 September 2009 13:15:27 UTC