Re: I18n comment: bidirectional ordering

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 >Comment from the i18n review of:
 >Comment 21
 >Editorial/substantive: E
 >Location in reviewed document:
 >Sec. 7.2 []
 >, last para
 >It may be useful to provide an example to clarify the bidirectional
 >ordering point. We could probably do that for you, if needed.

A very simple example, using lower case (!) for RTL:

The logical sentence:
     W3C is written in latin letters in hebrew.
Is displayed as:
     .werbeh ni srettel nital ni nettirw si W3C
The first letter is "W", but it appears in the middle of the line
due to reordering.

 >Presumably, in ordinary right to left text, the user agent would be
 >expected to apply the styling to the character on the right of the line.

Of course. I don't see any problem there; the text is very
careful to always speak of 'first' rather than leftmost or
whatever letter.

 >Note that this (presumably) applies really to Hebrew but not Arabic, since
 >the latter script is cursive.

I have a vague recollection of Arabic with letters of different size.
I hope somebody can confirm.
There is nothing in principle that would disallow making the first
letter larger (or otherwise different in style) even if the script
is cursive.

Regards,   Martin. 

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