Re: Proposal for Input Money element type in HTML5

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 9:26 PM,  <> wrote:
> Hi Cameron,
> It's funny, because I used JSR 354 - Money and Currency API to email this
> request. I even blogged about this API in my blog
> (
> The reason I request this is due to the various MVC frameworks that spring
> up in various development languages and platforms.
> For one, I created a JSF 2 complaint HTML5 component that I use throughout
> my application and searching online I realized that
> there were various solutions to capturing money and currency so it depend on
> developers' taste and interpretation.
> JSF components have UI input and output component subclasses (of
> UIComponent) thus allowing capturing and displaying of values respectively.
> This can be also useful if we could have a input and (perhaps) a <money> tag
> for display purposes.
> A solid <input type="money" /> input would make it consistent throughout
> applications and consistent in passing the values in various services
> including if using Javascript async services calls.

There is some work currently underway in the i18n group regarding the
internationalization of locale-based forms:

I think looking at currency inputs will be included as part of that
ongoing work.


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