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Re: After 5

From: Daniel Glazman <daniel.glazman@disruptive-innovations.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 17:14:53 +0200
Message-ID: <541853ED.2090202@disruptive-innovations.com>
To: Philippe Le Hegaret <plh@w3.org>
CC: public-html@w3.org
On 16/09/2014 16:58, Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:

> With a risk of going off track a bit, I think it will be valuable to
> make sure that www.w3.org/TR/html/ still points to our best
> understanding of what HTML is. With a new module approach and the
> various extension specifications, one won't be able to look at a single
> spec to understand what constitutes HTML. One suggestion was to
> republish the entire HTML5 specification as a set of modules in the
> immediate future and make sure that future modules are clear on which
> HTML5 modules they intend to replace. As such, /TR/html would always
> point to the most relevant modules and still present a complete set.

Not sure /TR/html helps. Let me remind you W3C owns domain html.org,

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