RE: TextTrackCue discussions

This is only true if we proliferate cue objects for specific caption formats.  There may be some expediency in doing that in terms of removing the attributes from the base object, but the core textTrackCue can parse different formats now.  This seems like a powerful benefit that should not be removed from it.  Has it been retained thus far?


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> I understand that the existing attributes map to WebVTT semantics, and 
> to me that isn't desirable.  I'm not sure of the history that added those.

For creating WebVTT cues in JS, it makes the most sense to have the cue settings as attributes of VTTCue, since they are not part of the cue text's markup.
It's a good separation between cue text markup and cue box formatting and I don't see us changing that again.
It's also now part of the TextTrack CG, so change proposals would need to be made there.


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