Re: 4.13.1 Bread crumb navigation - use of right angle brackets


I read a lot of discussion about using the nav element or not for the
breadcrumbs. I also mentioned my opinion here:

My opinion:

A nav element for breadcrumbs is a good idea because it makes sense
that it is part of the HTML outline, and simple footer links are not.

But even for footer links you may use the nav element:

"The footer element alone is sufficient for such cases; while a nav
element can be used in such cases, it is usually unnecessary."

So, in my opinion nothing is really 'wrong'. If you as developer think
the breadcrumb is a 'small' thing that does not belong to the html
outline, don't use the nav.

I think it is important enough to use the nav for it, because I want
it to be visible in the HTML outline.

Hope to hear from you.

Vriendelijke groet,

Willem-Siebe Spoelstra

Received on Friday, 20 September 2013 21:17:48 UTC