Re: 4.13.1 Bread crumb navigation - use of right angle brackets

On 17/09/2013 23:19, Adrian Roselli wrote:
> Going back a decade or more, I recall the debates (on about whether a breadcrumb should indicate a path or a hierarchy.

Good old days. I remember doing an anti-rant about it back in 2008

> My recollection, and my experience surfing about the web, indicates that the hierarchy approach won. As users drop into sites via search engines, a breadcrumb provides orientation for one's current location within the structure of the site. Otherwise a breadcrumb could be nothing more than "Google > Dish Soap." Also, we already have a back button to allow people to back out of where they ended up.

One person's hierarchy is another person's "this is the shortest list of 
steps to be taken from the homepage to get to the current page, a linear 
path through the tree-like hierarchical structure of our site".

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