Re: 4.13.1 Bread crumb navigation - use of right angle brackets

> It is GREATER THAN sign, and I agree that it is not adequate. But it has
> become common enough to become tolerable practice. A better character is a
> real arrow, “→”.

+1. (It’s an AT matter now to deal with this though, in case
pronunciation in a screen reader is faulty—I couldn’t test.)

That’s the delimiter issue.

What’s the exact problem with respect to the markup now? The thread
has grown significantly. So far I agree with Mallory in that list
markup would not be sufficient for breadcrumbs. That includes both
single and nested lists.

With lists having being the closest option, using <div> with an ID
like “breadcrumb,” inferring some meaning, has always appeared to be a
sensible choice. I think what you, Steve, used in 4.13.2 originally
was more recommendable.

The current <nav>/<ol> approach is problematic because, as has been
described, breadcrumbs are not a list of options of equal value.

Jens O. Meiert

Received on Tuesday, 17 September 2013 23:18:30 UTC